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ASCon-A  v.2.0.2

ASCon-A is a free utility for converting text between Mac OS and Windows.

Navigium Lernsoftware Latein  v.1.0.2

Latein->Deutsch und Deutsch->Latein Worterbuch mit Formenbestimmung und umfangreicher WortgrammatikDas integrierte Latein-Worterbuch enthalt 35.


StudyProf Flash Cards

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study tool that lets you create and study flash cards on your PC. With StudyProf you can study your cards according to the Leitner cardbox principle. The built-in study calendar helps you organize study sessions so that

Lernen Experimental  v.

Catchy, easy-to-remember experiments for practice and understanding mathematical problems on all topics covered by the curricula of school mathematics.

BrainYoo  v.1.51.7

With Brainyoo, you can make your own card index maps and even structure your own lessons. You can also exchange you electronic 'flash cards' and learning maps with friends. There is however previously prepared study materials.

Der Schreibtrainer - 10 Finger schreiben  v.3.7

That German software teach you to type faster with all 10 fingers.

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